Medical Professionals

UNIVERSAL (UCHS) will be the trusted healthcare partner of generations of Delhites & Faridabad  because of our tradition of  ethical care, compassion and excellence. Our “Patients First” culture result in UNIVERSAL being “Simply adorable”. 
Better Care
At UNIVERSAL (UCHS) we are focused on delivering the very best care to each patient through our team of outstanding, patient friendly and ethical physicians and care providers.
Our “UNIVERSAL (UCHS) Cares” philosophy ensures putting and delivering care with compassion, empathy and a “human touch”.
Outstanding Facilities and Services
At UNIVERSAL (UCHS), we are committed to bringing facilities of international standards to our patients. We always take care of our doctors, Medical Staff and other support staff.
Affordable and Ethical Excellence
At UNIVERSAL (UCHS)  we believe in excellence in everything we do. We understand that society has some expectation from us and our doctors. We are always committed to provide quality health care.
At UNIVERSAL (UCHS) we understand that doctors enjoy a special bond with patients and are intrinsic to creating institutions of pre-eminence. 
An Opportunity to Fulfill Your Academic Aspirations
You will be free to organize and attend CMEs, symposia, international medical conferences, nursing education, postgraduate DNB courses, clinical research… as per guidelines of the hospital.
At UNIVERSAL (UCHS) you will get opportunity to interact with medical, Paramedical and nursing student and help them to make brighter future.
Help You in Optimizing Your Performance
We recognize the tremendous stresses and strains that doctors face in their daily work. At UNIVERSAL (UCHS) we focus on creating environments which enable physicians to deliver their best with minimal strain-efficient and friendly physician work environments, effective clinical support at all times (especially nights), and quick resolution of your problems. 
Values and Relationships
UNIVERSAL (UCHS)  is unique in today’s corporatized healthcare environment. We are not corporate this will be forever a doctors run hospital to look after security of our colleagues. We assure you that we will be real partner in you growth.
Promising Future
At UNIVERSAL (UCHS) our vision  is to emerge as a top 3 healthcare services provider  for Middle class people of  North India through the development of hospitals.